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Book Reviews

“The author seamlessly integrates letters home, historical information and commentary to create a valuable narrative that gives personal insights not available in other sources. This book is a 'keeper' and one of the best I have read on the Pacific War, the men who fought it, and the impact on those they left behind.” —Russ Padden, Amphibious Forces of WWII and Sampson Naval Base Webmaster

"This is a story about how one young man from a small town in Illinois came to be a Naval officer and, ultimately, a member of the 'greatest generation.' The story is primarily told through the letters that Joe McDevitt wrote home to his family during World War II, which give a first-person account of what life was like in America during that time. Whatever your interests are - naval history, WWII nonfiction, biography, or a good, old-fashioned love story - you will enjoy this book!" Kim, Amazon Reviewer

"All Came Home is an engaging memoir written by a son - chronicling the experiences of his father prior to, during, and after WWII on the U.S. Navy Amphibious Transport USS Leon, APA 48. The book is written in a very down to earth style, is well researched, and includes many photos. A gem of a book that truly gives one a feel for 'the way it was' during WWII, and the many trials and tribulations faced in that era." —Dan Treadwell, Archives Researcher - WWII Navy, Secretary - Patrol Craft Sailors Association (PCSA)

"As a college professor of World War II and author of two books on the Women's Army Corps, I greatly appreciated this book.. Not only did I find it well-written, but it targets so many of the elements, other than the obvious violence, which make war a trial—the difficulty of communication in war zones, the challenges on the home front, the difficulties of romance in war, etc. The use of the letters dispersed amidst the narrative gives such an immediate connection to the subject. I will also add that each time I read accounts such as this I am amazed how any one individual could survive so many horrific battles. In Commander McDevitt’s case, he saw some of the very worst of the Pacific war (Saipan alone should have been more than any man could take)." —Penelope A. Blake Ph.D., Amazon Reviewer

"What a great story. What a great tribute to a father. I am a painfully slow reader, but the book arrived mid-day Monday and I finished it Tuesday afternoon! I couldn't stop reading. All of the correspondence, principally saved by an aunt during McDevitt's college years and beyond, was a gold minethe framework for a beautiful story. Between Joe McDevitt's tenacity as a student and his propensity for making good decisions throughout his military career, I was just blown away. It's truly a remarkable, inspiring story. " —Thomas Dugan, Amazon Reviewer

All Came Home is clearly a labor of love by a son about a significant portion of his father’s life and accomplishments. It is quite evident that an enormous amount of time, effort and research went into writing this book. The treasure trove of letters that were saved and the service records that are assembled here make this story a gold mine for those interested in a first-hand account of this gripping time in our nation's history." —Jennifer Barrett, Manuscript Assessor, Publish Pros

“[Paul's] use of the English language, his writing skills and his expertise at organizing historical facts into a true work of art left me wanting to know more and left me with the hope that he writes another book. I was a small child during the second world war, and his book brought back vivid memories of that time. He described so well the fervent patriotism and support which the United States gave to all who served on those fronts as well as the historic aspects of those battles. Paul did a wonderful thing in capturing the legacy his father left and in filling readers with the American spirit." —Jeanette Rogers, Amazon Reviewer

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