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Past Appearances

Below is a partial list of past speaking engagements. Paul's presentation "Saving history one story at a time: All Came Home" can be tailored for different audiences. Please consider Paul for your next event.


Bishop Gadsden
Charleston, SC

Vinson Hall
McLean, VA

Goodwin House Bailey's Crossroads
Falls Church, VA


Harrisburg Public Library
Harrisburg, IL

Chatham Public Library
Chatham, IL

Carbondale Public Library
Carbondale, IL

Jacksonville Public Library
Jacksonville, IL

Champaign Public Library
Champaign, IL

Pleasant Plains Public Library
Pleasant Plains, IL

The R. H. Johnson Library
Sun City West, AZ

Tempe Public Library
Tempe, AZ


Variety Club
Springfield, IL

Lit Lovers
Springfield, IL

Ashland Woman's Club
Ashland, IL

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