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Paul McDevitt About Paul

Paul McDevitt was born in New Orleans, LA, shortly after the story of All Came Home ends. He was the second of eleven McDevitts, including eight brothers and two sisters. He was also the son of a Navy "lifer," who began his career as a junior reserve deck officer in World War II and finished as the Navy's top uniformed lawyer.

The McDevitts moved often, as military families do. Paul remembers living in New Orleans, LA; Norfolk, VA; Falls Church, VA; Quantico, VA; Newport, RI; McLean, VA; and Pearl Harbor, HI.

Paul finished high school in 1965, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in economics at Southern Illinois University in 1969, and completed his Ph. D. in economics at Tulane University in 1974. He is currently an associate professor emeritus, who enjoyed research and writing during thirty-one years of university service at New Mexico State University and the University of Illinois Springfield.

One of Paul's memorable reads from high school was Kenneth Dodson's naval classic Away All Boats, a riveting story—and later a movie—about American amphibious forces. At that time, Paul was unaware that his own father had served on an attack transport in WWII.

Imagine his dismay when, in 2009, he opened a musty old box, read the letters his Dad had written home from the Pacific, and learned that Joe McDevitt was "Boats," the Boat Group Commander aboard the USS Leon APA 48! Those letters provided the story line for this book about World War II, the crew of the Leon, and the making of an American hero.

Paul and his wife of forty-five years, Barb, live in Springfield, Illinois. They have a daughter, Kimberly, and son, Bryan.

When pressed, Paul will admit that—after his family, of course—All Came Home is a life accomplishment that ranks right up there with only two others: completing the Ph.D. in economics in 1974 and finishing Hawaii's Ironman World Championship Triathlon in the top half of his age group in 1988.

All Came Home is his first book.

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